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iSwitch is one of the fastest growing electricity retailer in Singapore and is licensed by the Energy Market Authority. iSwitch offer various competitive price plans to help you achieve cost savings while enjoying the same and reliable electricity supply from SP Power.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best iSwitch Electricity Referral Code currently?

   One of the best iSwitch Electricity Referral code currently is KOH9ee6j, where you will a FREE nanoblock product randomly worth up to $399 on top of any other ongoing iSwitch Electricity Promotion!


❓ What referral code should i use for iSwitch Electricity Referral?

   Please use KOH9ee6j as your referral code to receive a FREE authentic nanoblock product worth up to $399 on top on any other ongoing iSwitch Electricity promotion!


❓ What is the latest iSwitch Electricity Promotion?

   To know more about the latest iSwitch Electricity Promotion, please head to their official website where you will be able to find all the latest update. Remember to sign up with KOH9ee6j, where you will receive a FREE nanoblock worth up to $399 on top on any other ongoing iSwitch Electricity Promotion!