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BigPay Referral Code


BigPay is a digital portfolio company of AirAsia and provide digital banking services both in Singapore and Malaysia. Foreign exchange remittances and peer-to-peer transactions can be done for free on BigPay. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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   Please use ZGN6WPUVC5 as your BigPay referral code to enjoy additional $5 referral bonus on top on any other ongoing BigPay promotions!


❓ What is the latest sign-up promotion for BigPay referral code?

   To know more about the latest BigPay sign-up promotion, please head to their official website where you will be able to find all the latest update. Just remember to sign up with our BigPay referral code ZGN6WPUVC5, where you will get additional $5 referral bonus on top on any other ongoing BigPay promotions!