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As existing customers of Etiqa Insurance, we've had such wonderful experience with them that we've went ahead and put together the best Etiqa Referral promotion by giving all our users a FREE random nanoblock for their first online purchase with Etiqa when they use with our referral code - R63477
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Etiqa Referral Code

Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best Etiqa referral code currently?

   One of the best Etiqa Referral code currently is R63477, where you will get ADDITIONAL 5% Discount and a FREE nanoblock on top of any other ongoing Etiqa promotion.

❓ Which Etiqa referral code should I use for my insurance?

   Please use R63477 as your referral code to get ADDITIONAL 5% discount and a FREE nanoblock for your first online insurance purchase with Etiqa. 

❓ What is the latest Etiqa referral code promotion?

   The latest Etiqa insurance referral code promotion is R63477 where you will get a FREE nanoblock and additional 5% discount when you sign up with our Etiqa referral code.