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Tiger Brokers is a NASDAQ listed trading platform with more than 1 million customers worldwide. Tiger Brokers are licensed under the Capital Markets Services from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and use DBS Bank as their custodians for their deposits and SGX securities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best Tiger Brokers referral promotion currently?

   One of the best Tiger Brokers referral promotion is via our Tiger Brokers referral code 844R5L where you will get a FREE nanoblock in addition to the current Tiger Broker sign up promotions and other sign up benefits when you register and deposit at least S$2,000 into your Tiger Brokers account.


❓ Which Tiger Brokers referral code should I use?

   Please use 844R5L as your Tiger Brokers referral code to receive FREE nanoblock in addition to the all the Tiger Broker sign up promotions and privileges


❓ What is the best Tiger Brokers referral code currently?

   The best Tiger Brokers referral code now is 844R5L where you will get FREE nanoblock and all the existing Tiger Brokers sign up promotions.