DBS PayLah Referral Code 2023 | S$8 Cash & Vouchers

Looking for DBS PayLah! Referral or Promo Code? Double the rewards and receive FREE $5 cash and $3 nanoblock e-voucher on top of any other PayLah! promotions - The best DBS PayLah Referral Promotion ever!

PayLah! is the one of the ultimate app in Singapore where you can make payments, order meals and even booking rides. Backed by the Singapore's leading consumer bank, PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet where you can do everything you love with just one app.

As we truly believe that DBS is one of the best Banks in Singapore, we've went ahead and put together the best PayLah! referral promotion by giving all our users FREE $5 Cash and $3 nanoblock e-voucher when you sign up DBS PayLah! using our referral code - LANFRS151

Please email info@nanoblock.com.sg with your details once you signed up DBS PayLah! with our referral code LANFRS151
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Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best PayLah Referral Code currently?

   One of the best PayLah Referral code currently is LANFRS151, where you will get FREE $5 Cash and $3 nanoblock e-voucher on top of any other ongoing DBS PayLah! promotions.


❓ What promo code should i use when signing up for DBS PayLah!?

   Please use LANFRS151 as your DBS PayLah referral code to receive FREE $5 Cash and $3 nanoblock e-voucher on top on any other ongoing DBS PayLah! promotions.


❓ What is the latest DBS PayLah! Promo Code?

   Remember to sign up with LANFRS151, where you will get FREE $5 Cash and $3 nanoblock e-voucher on top on any other ongoing PayLah! promotions.