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Although when you shop online, you will not have an opportunity to touch and feel the nanoblock you are considering purchasing but we are sure that this isn't an important consideration because you can be assured of the quality of all authentic nanoblock products even though we are not the authorized distributor. no matter where you purchase them from.


What is nanoblock?

nanoblock are similar to Lego but much smaller in scale, with the smallest block being 4mm x 4mm x 5mm only. The underside of nanoblock are also different from Lego as they use double ridged backing system whereby Lego is using the tube system. nanoblock are made only using high quality ABS plastic that offers a stable and perfect link to each block, regardless of how small the blocks are.
nanoblock was invented by Kawada Co. Ltd. in 2008, rapidly gaining worldwide recognition and become one of the most sought after toy in Japan. With only 11 types of different blocks, nanoblock stay true to its words as a building toy that offers satisfactions in constructing models from raw materials. Alternative builds of sets is restricted by your thoughts only, not the blocks.


Difference between authentic nanoblock and nanoblock-comptabile blocks.

Apart from the high level of quality control and the quality of the blocks, most people will insists on authentic nanoblock products for fear that other compatible building bricks in the market might contain high level of lead. For example, Mega Bloks suffered from poor quality control that led to massive recalls over lead-tainted toys in 2007.


Charity Initiative

nanoblock Singapore is proud to be associated with a leading charity initiative in support of Pertapis Children's Home in Singapore. We will donate a portion of our annual net income to help them to sustain the operational costs of their programmes.