Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guaranteed the authenticity of the nanoblock products?

Yes. All nanoblock products listed and sold on are guaranteed authentic. It is a criminal offence to sell counterfeit products in Singapore under section 49 of the Trade Marks Act.

What if the product runs out of stock?

In the rare event where the item you ordered runs out of stock, we will contact you via email as soon as possible. You may opt for a cash refund, replacement item or a 100% refund in shopping credits with nanoblock Singapore. 


Would it be possible for me to reserve an item?

In order to be fair to every customers, we will not be accepting reservations for any products expect for pre-order items.


Why has my order been cancelled by nanoblock Singapore?

nanoblock Singapore reserve the rights to cancel any order due the unavailability of stocks and/or incorrect pricing of a particular product. Please contact us at if your order has been cancelled and we will assist you in any way we can.


How are the prices of retired nanoblock products determined?

Our trained experts valuate every retired nanoblock product meticulously. Proper research, such as comparing the scarcity and demand is conducted to determine the most accurate ‘market value’ of the item.


What if my items ordered online arrives damaged?

While nanoblock Singapore strive to ensure that every products arrives in great condition, sometimes accidents do happened. If you do take delivery of an wet, punctured or crushed package, the first course of action is to take photos of the package and check if your merchandise is damaged or not.

If you are not satisfied with the condition of your products for any reason, please email us at and state the full details of your enquiry.

Why is there a differences in box/bricks colour?

As our nanoblock are from different manufactures all over the world, there might be some differences in the shades of the bricks or the colour of the box itself. All nanoblock products sold on our website are 100% authentic products from Kawada Co. Ltd. 

Can I customise my own nanoblock design? 

We do provide specialised customisation services for nanoblock products. Please email us at for more information about the customisation of nanoblock products.


How long is the lead time for customisation of nanoblock Products?

The lead time for customisation product range from one to twelve months depending on the complexity of the design, the quantity and the capacity of our factory.

How much will it cost to customise a nanoblock Product?

We will only be able to advise on the estimation of cost after knowing the design and the order quantity. 


What are included in the customisation of nanoblock Products?

At nanoblock Singapore, our team of experienced graphic designers will ensure that everything from the printed instruction sheet to the final artwork on the cover of the blister pack/box are well taken care of. We will also be able to design the packaging to showcase your company logo and/or to include a sticker of your logo with every product. 


Can licensed products be sold overseas?

No. As the licensed sales territories are strictly controlled by each licensor, all licensed products cannot be sold overseas. 

Is nanoblock Singapore the authorised distributor in Singapore?

No. We are not the authorized distributor in Singapore. However, please be assured that nanoblock products are authentic as it's a criminal offence to sell counterfeit products in Singapore under the Trade Marks Act. 

Estimation of Shipping Charges

As SingPost will be charging a base charge for all shipping, it will be more worthwhile and cheaper to purchase in bigger quantity to enjoy economic of scale. Furthermore, we will be absorbing some of the shipping charges if you were to buy more. 

e.g. Shipping charges for 1 or 2 packets of Pokemon are similar. Hence, it will definitely be cheaper if you were to buy in multiples packets instead of just a single packet. 


Will there be a tracking number for shipping?

Yes, a tracking number will be provided and it can be tracked via SingPost