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National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) is a national confederation of trade unions in Singapore and helps to  support working families through the various stages of their lives and moderate their cost of living.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best NTUC referral code currently?

   One of the best NTUC referral code currently is 563D9B0X71FE or via our referral link, where you will get a FREE nanoblock on top of the FREE OTO Neck Snuggler when you sign up and become a paying NTUC member


❓ What NTUC referral code should i use when signing up for NTUC membership?

   Please sign up via our referral link on this page or our NTUC referral code 563D9B0X71FE to receive FREE nanoblock in addition of the FREE OTO Neck Snuggler and any other NTUC sign-up privileges. 



❓ What is the latest sign-up Promotion for NTUC membership referral?

   To know more about the latest NTUC membership referral, please visit their official website where you will be able to find all the latest updates. Just remember to sign up via our referral link or NTUC referral code 563D9B0X71FE, where you will receive FREE nanoblock in addition to the FREE OTO Neck Snuggler and any other ongoing NTUC membership referral promotions!