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Trust Bank is 1 of Singapore's newest digital bank and backed by Standard Chartered and FairPrice Group. It's probably the first credit card in Singapore that allow you to choose your own repayment date for each billing cycle. Enjoy significant savings on FairPrice Group groceries and food with the free credit card with no annual and foreign transaction fee, ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best Trust Bank Promo Code currently?

   One of the best Trust Bank Promo code currently is NMGKE6GY, where you will get ADDITIONAL $5 nanoblock voucher and on top of the $35 NTUC vouchers, 1kg rice and Kopitiam breakfast set and any other ongoing Trust Bank sign-up promotions.


❓ Which Trust Bank promo code should i use when signing up?

   Please use NMGKE6GY as your Trust Bank promo code to receive ADDITIONAL FREE $5 nanoblock e-voucher on top on the FREE 1kg rice, Kopitiam breakfast set and $35 NTUC vouchers.


❓ What is the latest Trust Bank Promo Code?

   Remember to sign up with NMGKE6GY, where you will get ADDITIONAL FREE $5 nanoblock e-voucher on top on any other ongoing Trust Bank sign up promotions including the FREE Kopitiam breakfast set, 1kg rice and $35 NTUC vouchers.