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Stayr is one of Singapore fastest growing property startup  that allows you to book hotels or yachts by the hour. Since the launch of the Stayr app in 2020, it have facilitated thousands of  staycations and workcations in Singapore. As avid users of Stayr, we took the liberty and put together the best Stayr referral promotion by giving our users an additional $2 nanoblock voucher FREE  on top of the $5 Stayr Credits when you sign up with our Stayr Referral Code -  4TMVSYR 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best Stayr Referral Code currently?

   One of the best Stayr Referral code currently is 4TMVSYR, where you will get additional $2 nanoblock voucher in additional of the FREE $5 Stayr Credits!


❓ What Stayr referral code should i use when signing up?

   Please use 4TMVSYR to receive FREE additional $2 nanoblock voucher on top of the $5 Stayr Credits!


❓ What is the latest Stayr referral promotion?

   To know more about the latest Stayr promotions, please head to their official website where you will be able to find all the latest updates. Just remember to sign up with our Stayr referral code 4TMVSYR, where you will receive additional $2 nanoblock voucher FREE!