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Changi Rewards Referral Code

Changi Rewards is not just about rewards only but also offer a wide range of exclusive privileges when you shop and dine at Jewel and Changi Airport. Enjoy 7% GST-absorbed shopping at public areas of Changi Airport and earn up to 3% rebates on all your purchase when you sign up as a Changi Rewards member!

As we are super proud that Singapore Changi Airport is the world's best airport and destination in itself, we took the liberty and put together the best Changi Rewards signup promotion by giving our users 100 Changi Rewards Points and the chance to WIN a random nanoblock worth up to S$399 when you sign up with our iChangi Referral Code - gXpvSZ
Please email with your name and date of registration once you signed up with our Changi Rewards referral code gXpvSZ and spend $10 to participate in the lucky draw to win nanoblock products worth up to $399 on top of any other ongoing Changi Rewards referral promotions!
* Stand to win a random nanoblock from either the Mini Series, Pokemon Series, Sights to See SeriesDeluxe Editions or other exclusive series i.e. Tokyo Disney Land, Sanrio, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What is the best Changi Rewards referral code currently?

   One of the best Changi Rewards referral code currently is gXpvSZ, where you will get 100 Changi Rewards Points + CHANCE to WIN nanoblock products worth up to $399 on top of any other ongoing Changi Rewards referral promotions!


❓ Which Changi Rewards referral code should i use when signing up?

   Please use gXpvSZ as the Changi Rewards referral code to enjoy additional 100 Changi Rewards points + CHANCE to win nanoblock products worth up to $399 on top on any other ongoing Changi Rewards promotions!


❓ What is the latest sign-up promotion for Changi Rewards referral code?

   To know more about the latest Changi Rewards sign-up promotion, please head to their official website where you will be able to find all the latest update. Just remember to sign up with our Changi Rewards referral code gXpvSZ, where you will get additional 100 Changi Rewards points and a CHANCE to WIN nanoblock products worth up to $399 on top on any other ongoing Changi Rewards promotions!