Titanic Deluxe Edition NB 021


Titanic Deluxe Edition NB 021

Embark on a journey of precision and historical recreation with the nanoblock Titanic Deluxe Edition NB-021. This elaborate set consists of over 1,800 meticulously crafted micro-sized blocks, designed to reconstruct the iconic RMS Titanic with stunning detail.

With a difficulty level of 5 out of 5, this kit is tailored for expert builders who thrive on highly challenging projects that demand exceptional attention to detail. As you piece together the Titanic, you will be captivated by the complexity of its structure, from the iconic smokestacks to the elaborate deck arrangement, all recreated to reflect the grandeur and scale of this legendary ocean liner.

The assembly of this model provides a profound and engaging building experience, making it an ideal acquisition for history buffs, maritime enthusiasts, or model-building experts. The completed model stands as a magnificent tribute to the Titanic, showcasing not just your skill and patience but also serving as an impressive centrepiece that captures the essence of this historic ship.

Take on the challenge of the nanoblock Titanic Deluxe Edition NB-021 and craft a detailed monument to one of the most famous maritime stories in history. This model is not just a building project; it’s an exploration into the legacy of the Titanic, presented through your craftsmanship.

  • 1,800 Pieces
  • Difficulty Level: 5/5

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